Yes, she can!


Women are still significantly underrepresented in classical music. In the program “Yes, she can!“ the Ardemus Quartet tells the stories of five remarkable and admirable women who have changed the world of classical music – through music and original texts by award-winning writer Ivana Bodrožić.

And They Danced


Composers from all times were inspired by the different forms of dance or consciously wrote danceable music. Experience a musical journey with dances from different times and cultures.

Made in Vienna


„Made in Vienna“ is a special program made for the occasion of Beethoven’s 250th birthday in the year 2020 in which award-winning pianist Mario Häring joins the Ardemus Quartet in the performance of Beethovens famous Quintet for piano and winds.

The great Penguin and Banana Show


The great Penguin and Banana Show is a familyconcert (6-99 years) that the Ardemus Quartet developed in collaboration with NJO (National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands) and director Margrith Vrenegoor.

Power to the People!


In “Power to the People!” the Ardemus Quartet celebrates the music that connected people and motivated them to unite, music that inspired them to speak up and take a stand, music that provided solidarity and gave people hope.



Pearls of classical music: famous and beloved pieces from four centuries. The saxophone quartet transforms into an orchestra, a string quartet or a piano and the audience experiences the different facets of this formation.

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