Pulse (2023)

Pulse contains the pieces we are on fire for (Ardemus: lat.: we burn) and with which we have evoked the best reactions from our audiences in recent years. What the pieces have in common is their folkloric character, passion and fiery energy. All danceable music with a pulse that cannot be missed!

Works by De Falla, Bartok, Lago and Piazzolla.

The EP was produced by Hans Erblich, the cover was designed by Anne Caesar. We recorded the program in July 2022 in the beautiful Amsterdamzaal in Amsterdam.

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Traces (2019)

Trace (verb): to find or to discover. Trace (noun): a path or track. This word sums up perfectly what this program is about: a journey of discovery. „In Traces we try to bring together what is in our identity, our music and our approach. For us, the CD recording is a way to honour precious memories and to make our debut as an international chamber music ensemble become reality.“

Works by Ligeti, Shostakovich, Glazounov, Debussy, Piazzolla, Biedenbender and Bach.

The CD was produced by Tom Peeters from Mediatrack, writer Ivana Bodrožić wrote a story for the booklet and Smilijka Boskov made foto’s for the cover. We recorded the program in November 2018 in the beautiful church in Schiedam and the CD was released with the label Cobra Records in May 2019.

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„The saxophonists brought together playfulness coupled with irony and the necessary seriousness.”

Liechtensteiner Vaterland