The Noise Makers

from 2025

The Noise Makers is a musical theatre performance (6+) that deals with the question every child hears over and over again: what do you want to be when you grow up? A performance played by the four saxophonists of the Ardemus Quartet who, together with the voice-over, the moving images, the lighting, the set and the costumes, complete the show.

Four friends, the Noise Makers, lived in a tent. Somewhere in Nowhere. Not because they wanted to live in a tent so badly, but because they had nowhere else to live. Because of the NOISE. They were making NOISE. And the other people didn’t like that. And they were also a bit weird. The other people didn’t like that much either. So one day the mayor came and said: get out. And all the other people shouted: get out! And so now they were living in a tent. Somewhere in Nowhere.

To get somewhere, the Noise Makers see only one solution: they have to become something, preferably rich and/or famous. They explore the most diverse professions that should offer them a way out of Nowhere. After all, what can’t you all become? Father, Influencer, In love, Director of a circus where everything goes upside down. Until 1 Troublemaker wants to become the Boss and the Troublemakers almost lose the most important thing they have: each other.

The Noise Makers switches between humour and seriousness, between tension and hilarious moments, both musically and in the relationship between the Herriemakers themselves.

Musicians / Actors: Ardemus Quartet 

Stage direction / text: Margrith Vrenegoor

Composition: Toek Numan

Light- und Image Design / Decor: Tom Verheijen

Costume design: Judith de Zwart